The Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda in Germany is glad to announce to Rwandans the issuance of New East Africa E-Passport from 4th November 2019.
Kindly be informed that it is an online Application,  done through IREMBO, on the following  link:

Passport Categories

The Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration issues three categories of passports
1. Ordinary Passport
2. Service Passport
3. Diplomatic Passport

The information below are related only to the ordinary passport.


The Ordinary Passport has 3 types depending on the number of pages, validity and fees
- a 34 pages Passport for children under 16 years and is valid for 2 years
- a 50 pages Passport for adult and is valid for 5 years
- a 66 pages Passport for adult and is valid for 10 years

An Ordinary e-passport is issued to any Rwandan who fulfills the necessary requirements to facilitate his/her travels outside the country.


All applications are submitted through IREMBO platform.

Please send your Full names and your e-mail address to Embassy will use this information to generate your Account on IREMBO. You need this account when requesting different services in Rwandan’s Local Authorities because all Services will be applied through IREMBO.

After your account is created,  you will receive an notification that will allow you to have access via the IREMBO.  Link: Click on: “SIGN UP”, sign in apply your e-passport.Kindly follow all steps till the Payment of the e-passport cost. After the application you will receive an e-mail requesting you to come to the Embassy in Berlin for to give your biometrics (the fingerprints and the digital photo).

You are advised to contact immediately the Embassy upon receiving the notification preferably via e-mail to arrange an appointment. 

For Children under 16 years only photos are required. Finger prints and signature are not required.
For Children under 16 years an application through IREMBO should be done by one of the parents using his/her Rwandan ID via IREMBO.


Four (4) working days for first application and two (2) working days for renewal at the Directorate General of Immigration & Emigration/Kigali
It may take a while for the Passports to be ready for pickup at the embassy as they are sent safely through the process of Valise Diplomatic.


- a passport for children under 16 years: 25.000 RWF (25 €)
- a 50 pages Passport for adult and valid for 5 years: 75.000 RWF (74,00€ )
- a 66 pages Passport for adult and valid for 10 years: 100.000 RWF (99,00€)



  • Rwandan Identity Card
  • Payment of required application fees


Requirements for Children under 16 years in general:

  • Application letter addressed to the Director General of Immigration and Emigration signed by both parents
  • One recently taken colored passport size photo with white background
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Payment of 25,00€

In addition to the above requirements this has also to be provided if applicable:

Requirements for Children WITH LEGALLY MARRIED PARENTS:

  • Copy of both parents’ identity cards
  • Parents’ marriage certificate

Requirements for Children WHO LOST ONE PARENT:

  • Copy of the living parent’s Identity Card
  • Death certificate of the deceased parent

Requirements for Children WHO LOST BOTH PARENTS:

  • Copy of the guardian’s identity card(s)
  • Death certificate for both parents
  • Copy of a legal guardianship

Requirements for Children WITH DIVORCED PARENTS:

  • Copy of the identity cards of both parents
  • Copy of divorce judgment


  • Copy of the identity card of both parents
  • Celibacy certificate of the mother
  • In case the child stays with the father, he presents the certificate of recognition issued by the sector authorities


  • The passports issued up to 27th June 2019 shall be valid until 27th June 2021.
  • In case of loss or theft of passport, the applicant shall present the certificate issued by the competent authority where the passport was lost.
  • If it is established that there was negligence on the person whose passport was lost, stolen or damaged, the application fees is increased by 50%.
  • In case of loss, theft or damage of passport, the applicant is subjected to interview for explanations on circumstances under which it happened.

Done in Berlin, 25th October 2019

Opening hours

The consular department accepts requests on workig days, from 9.00 AM until 1.00 PM.
Tel. +49 30 – 209 165 90
Fax +49 30 – 209 165 959

Bank contact

Please note that the Embassy does not accept cash, only bank transfer.
The consular fees have to be transferred to the following bank account before sending in the written request.

Beneficiary: Botschaft von Ruanda
Bank: Commerzbank Berlin
IBAN:  DE87 100400000266054603
Account number:    266054603
BLZ:    10040000

  • Fee paid is non-refundable in case the service is not provided or application withdrawn by applicant.
  • All bank transfer charge are borne by applicant