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Das Institut für Rechtsmedizin, Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) kooperiert im Rahmen eines DAAD-Programms seit 2012 mit der Universität Ruanda, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, School of Medicine and Pharmacy. Es finden jährliche...

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S.E. der Botschafter von Ruanda, Igor Cesar, war am 4. November bei einer Diskussionsrunde für das Ausbildungsprojekt "Machining for Rwanda's future" in der Donnerstberghalle in Rockenhausen zu Gast.
Das Projekt ging dieses Jahr bereits in die zweite...

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Diplomatic relations between Rwanda and Germany were established in 1962. Ever since, there exist close and trust-based ties. The two countries have embassies in both Kigali and Berlin respectively.

On economic cooperation, Germany’s support has been following Rwanda’s priorities as stated in vision 2020. The key areas of cooperation include decentralisation and sustainable economic development, with a focus on the promotion of the private sector as well as vocational training.
On people-to-people relationships, the partnership between the residents of Rhineland- Palatinate and Rwandan citizens exists since over 32 years. It includes among others partnerships between 49 communities and over 250 schools who hold regular mutual visits to reinforce the partnership.




Ruandas Außenministerin im Gespräch: „Die Migrationskrise ist ein Weckruf“

Ruandas Außenministerin Louise Mushikiwabo vor der UN-Vollversammlung in New York. Foto: reuters

Ruandas Außenministerin Louise Mushikiwabo über Europas Flüchtlingskrise, den FDLR-Prozess in Deutschland und Präsident Paul Kagame.
Interview von Dominic Johnson, die Tageszeitung

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Visa requirements for holders of German citizenship

Travelers who are in possession of a passport of the Federal Republic of Germany are issued a single entry visa upon their arrival at the international airport in Kigali or upon entering the country through one of the official borders. The single entry visa is valid for 30 days and costs $ 30 USD which are will be paid in cash.

German citizens are therefore exempt from visa requirements before traveling to Rwanda and are not required to hand in a visa application at the Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda in the Federal Republic of Germany.